Miss Cathie Reviews: Banana Republic Mad Men 2012 Collection…

It’s been a while, but here I am!  This afternoon, I popped into the Banana Republic store in Richmond Centre to take a peek at the latest Mad Men capsule collection, and I’m now ready to share with you all my thoughts!
♥ I found that I would actually wear a few pieces –like the tie-neck blouses and the cigarette pants, as opposed to the first collection which was a total disappointment for me, personally as I found it too datedly kitschy.

♥ Some of the pieces can really age your look!  Granted, it is style inspired by the 1960’s, but I feel that so many adjustments could have been made to make it just that little bit more modern with a classic elegance –aka, no frumpy!

♥ The fabrics used are mostly polyester and rayon.  Some of them seem flimsy, just as in the first collection.  For a $100+ price tag, I really do expect silk/cotton/linen/etc.  Come on, Banana Republic!  I know you can do better!

♥ Biggest pet peeve:  Most of the fashions look different when you try them on as opposed to how they look on those modelling posters.

To elaborate on the last point, take for example, this Joan Sheath dress:

You can’t really see in the first picture in this post, but on the advertising board, the neckline of the dress looks more boatline, less cowl-neck.  And notice how the hem of the dress is hugging her thighs?  On the actual dress, it’s just hanging… and the look seems incomplete. Less streamlined and glamorous.  I am modeling the regular size 2,  and it is a little long on me, but they had no petites… and I doubt that the size had anything to do with whether it was hip hugging or not.  I do wish that the actual products would be just ‘As shown in images’. At the end of the visit, I came away with nothing… though it was nice to see the collection in person, I honestly felt that most of the clothes are more hype than quality.  What a pity!

Also, not related to the clothes, but the customer service side of my experience at Banana Republic.  A very ‘friendly/pushy’ sort of girl who helped me in the fitting room saw my hesitation at purchasing any of the pieces, and she peeked at the tag of the Joan sheath dress and told me that it was made of 100% silk and that ‘an item of such quality material was a must-have’.  It didn’t feel like silk to me, and checking online, it’s actually made of rayon and linen.  I don’t know whether she thought I wouldn’t actually check the fabric content tag myself, but it is a bit of an awkward feeling to be authoritatively told something that isn’t true.  That’s not good customer service at all –that’s just making a sale no matter the method!  Rant over now.  😛

What are your thoughts on the BR Mad Men Collection?  Any favourite pieces? And are you looking forward to the next one?


  1. April 18, 2012 / 12:37 pm

    Wow! I can’t believe the sales lady did that to you! I looked at the collection online and figured there wouldn’t be much for petite gals, so I haven’t actually stopped into a store to check it out yet. Thanks for this post.

    • Cathie
      April 20, 2012 / 1:35 pm

      It was an interesting experience, to say the least! But this has been the first time I’ve received doubtful customer service at BR; I hope it’s the last as well.

      Thank you for visiting, Kathleen! ♥

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