Miss Cathie Reviews: Someday My Prince Will Come…

Normally, I am not a regular reader of chick-lit as I find it too fluffy and insubstantial to get much satisfaction out of reading the genre.  However, when I came across this book in 2008, I relaxed my ‘book-ly morals’ a bit and added it to my wishlist.  After all, it was also labelled as a memoir, and who doesn’t want to find out what happened to a girl who dared to pursue her dream of becoming a princess?

A few weeks ago,  I found a copy on Thriftbooks for $3.00, and decided to hit the checkout button.  I figured it was a good price to pay for a book that had piqued my curiosity, but might either be a new favourite, or a disappointment.

So what did I think of this princess tale?  (Some spoilers…)

It was ‘quietly funny’ (I think the humour is very posh… which explains how I describe it), there were some sweet, enchanting moments and it’s all in all, a very interesting story about one girl’s quest for true love and becoming a princess.  During the novel, I learned a few fun facts about England, such as the fact that Brits pay a TV license… thus eliminating the need for ads (how novel!) and did you know that they sign off most texts with the first letter of their name, and add an ‘x’ to it (a kiss!)?  I find the habit so charming that I’m going to sign off all texts I send from now on with ‘Cx’.  Starting now, and maybe even on this blog post!

There were some areas I didn’t like too much –going to a psychic to ‘sort’ her life out (how did she know that her friend Adam hadn’t blurted out her story to the medium?), and kissing a few frogs (but who’s crazy about kissing amphibians anyway?)… but all in all, I still found myself rooting for Jerramy –I think anyone who reads this book will end up hoping that she finds her happily-ever-after.  After all, she was smart, was trying to establish a brilliant career, had crazy fun with her friends and dared to walk away from a reality drama audition because she had standards –something I respect her for.  With the ordeals she experienced, she could have so easily just given up and sat pining away for her prince.  I also adored the fact that her romantic, idealistic, rose-tinted views of the world and England are almost exactly like my own. If I learned anything from her story, it’s that no matter the obstacles, persevere and you will fulfill your dreams… even if it is not quite according to plan.

Would I read another chick-lit book?  It’s always a slight possibility now, though I’ve still got some prerequisites!… and I did find myself pre-ordering Ms. Fine’s new book,

I leave it to you to decide whether I have fallen into the chick-lit ‘trap’.  Other than that, I am now off to read ‘Pistols for Two‘ by Georgette Heyer.

Much love,



  1. May 20, 2012 / 6:22 am

    I’m going to have to look into Regal Rules for Girls.

    • Cathie
      May 20, 2012 / 1:39 pm

      I love how you signed off your comment, Kathleen! 🙂 ♥

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