Favourite Charities

Audrey Hepburn Children’s Fund:  I remember making my first donation two years ago — the tiny amount of 3.00 because that was all I could spare at the time.  I hope to make a bigger contribution this year — this is one of my favourite charities.  I adore Audrey Hepburn and admire her big heart — to me, she was one of the first celebrities and fashion icons to actually roll up her sleeves and try to help the world.  This is my way of remembering a personal heroine, as well as a small gesture of caring for all the children in the world.

UNICEF:  I first learned of UNICEF when I was a little girl through one of their Halloween treat bags that my mum got from a school.  I read all the information printed on the sides of that sturdy bag, and have wanted to help with their mission ever since.  I’m currently registered as a hopeful volunteer, but have yet to be ‘assigned’.

Canadian Red Cross:  Founded with the mission of providing relief and alleviating suffering caused by wars and natural disasters, the Red Cross is a major proponent of humanitarian efforts.  It was once my dream to be a ‘Red Cross nurse’.  Through donations, I hope to be helping in my own small way.  I also hope to volunteer with them, should I ever be close to a centre.

Mary Foundation:  HRH the Crown Princess Mary of Denmark’s foundation was started to celebrate diversity and end social isolation.  Growing up, I was never popular and was to some extent left out and bullied.  While the organization focuses primarily on the people of Denmark, its governing principle is that everyone has the right to belong.  I believe we can all support that ideal.

Prince’s Charities Canada:  HRH the Prince of Wales is a supporter of many worthy causes.  My favourites are those that protect and nurture the environment, as well as those that help young people achieve their dreams.