Navy, Rose Gold & Caramel…

This past Saturday, Little Man and I went to take some pictures… of my new bag, bracelet and boots!  🙂

Here I am in all my sleepy, puffy-eyed glory, and incidentally, this will be my first outfit post for 2013… I hope this isn’t the start of a trend.  Must.  Correct.  Sleeping.  Schedule. !!!

But enough about my dashed eyes… let’s look at the pretty things!

Coat:  Soïa & Kyo ‘Lyta’

Top:  ASOS Top with Peplum and Bow Detail (2012)

Skirt:  JACOB tweed A-line mini skirt (2012)

Tights:  Nicole Miller (2012)

Boots:  DUO Louvre‘ boots (2013)

Bracelet:  Modern Mix Boutique ‘Skyler’ rosegold bracelet (2012)

Bag:  ASOS Scallop Front Tab Across Body Bag (c/o Ladbrokes)

I thought an all-black/greyish outfit was a bit drab, so I mixed a pinch of navy in the form of this peplum short-sleeved top.  Yes, it is too cold to be wearing it on its own, but with the coat on, that is no problem since I don’t get cold easily.  (And yes, I took the coat off for photographic purposes.  It was a bit chilly.  I won’t be doing that again, and you may stare at my coat from now on. ;))  I am still trying to decide whether the peplum is for me.  It took me long enough to decide to give this trend a try, but I did like the feminine flare to the silhouette.  And of course, this top has bows –I can’t say no!  Sadly, this particular piece wrinkles easily.  Oops.

Oh my word, and the boots!!!!!  They are stylish, comfy, easy to walk in, and I’m quite sure every inch oozes quality.  It’s also nice to have warm feet again, and not be the only (odd) one wearing ballet flats in the middle of winter and -2° temperatures!  And did you know?  They came all the way from England to Canada within 5 days!  I am now a Devoted Client of DUO.  That is all.
Accessories-wise, I am having a lot of fun wearing my rose gold arrow cuff from Modern Mix Boutique, and think it practically glows against navy!  I had a childhood fascination with Robin Hood, and so a rose gold arrow adorned with small rhinestones seemed like such a fun way to …err.. add him to my wardrobe?  At any rate, it’s not something one sees everyday (at least not where I am!) so I’m having fun getting compliments on it.  Tee hee.

As for the bag, I was a bit flummoxed at  first… my bags have always been either colourful or just plain black.  I wondered if there were any ‘rules’  about pairing a tan bag with anything, but am happy to report that it goes with everything.  I might have expected that of a neutral. 😛  However, it really pops against navy, red, black, purple and white, from what I’ve seen so far… and so I’ll be keeping those pairings in mind for future reference.  And of course, if you have a favourite way of wearing a tan bag, please do share with me!


Vanessa of MMB was wonderful enough to make a 20% discount code for readers!!  Use ‘MissCathie20‘ between now and February 28th to treat yourself to a little sparkle!  While I’m afraid that (for now) the Skyler cuff is sold out thanks to yours truly, there are other treasures to be found!  There’s a stretchable stud bracelet and a pair of delicate gold and turquoise earrings that would be perfect for wearing during warmer weather –or if you happen to be lucky enough to be heading off to a tropical destination!

P.S.  Keep an eye out for an upcoming interview with Vanessa!  In the meantime, check out her blog, Modern Mix Vancouver.

I hope you are all still enjoying winter!  Stay warm and fabulous!


— Miss Cathie


  1. January 14, 2013 / 7:00 pm

    Thank you Cathie! The Skyler cuff looks wonderful on you and it really does look stunning against navy.

  2. January 16, 2013 / 7:20 am

    You look lovely and perfectly put together as usual!

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