Next, Together…

After we returned from our weekend getaway, I boarded a plane for Montréal the very next day.

And I was a very lucky girl, because I practically had two vacations –one after the other with all of my favourite people.  This time, I was going to spend it in the lovely, dear company of my Special Man and his family.

The first week together, we spent it quietly, getting ‘reacquainted’ and slipping back into old, comfortable ways and fond habits: snuggling in the crook of his arm, poking gentle, teasing fun at each other and finally being able to give the little trove of ‘I Miss You’ presents that I had amassed during the months apart, while being treated to an unexpected shopping spree by him!

Just like last year, we went hiking, up our favourite ‘hill’, Mont Saint-Hilaire.  This time, I wore comfortable running shoes that Special Man had given me as a present.  No more ballet flats up Pain de Sucre or any other trail!  (Sugar Loaf.  The delectable name of one of the trails…)

Being together, practically on top of the world! –was very much the highlight of that week.


— Miss Cathie

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