Popping By to Say Hello with Neutrals…

It’s true what they say –do something good for yourself, and it will energise you… despite your initial reluctance.  After a thoroughly refreshing Ballet Beautiful workout (which I was loathe to begin after a tiring day!) I found myself full of creativity and the itch to blog.

Well, it’s too late to take photos of my most recent goodies in natural light, but here’s a photo taken a week or two ago when some visiting relatives were in town.  I wore this outfit to another casual dinner, which consisted of a glorious bento box of sushi and other Japanese delights that were light enough, yet satisfying.

So sorry for the skinny photo… trying to protect the privacy of other people.  🙂

Sweater: Roots Canada ’Pure Comfort’ wrap jacket in canyon (2012)

Top:  Michael Stars jersey knot front top (2012)

Scarf:  Postcript silk scarf from Victoria Trading Company (2011)  Warning:  Incorrect use of apostrophe to be found on scarf.  I’m probably the only one who proofreads writing on clothes…

Jeans:  J Brand ‘Kiki’ in shadow ($2012)

Shoes: Not even in picture, and I won’t even speak about them because they were so poorly made — a waste of good leather!  But they were nude ballet flats.

Bag: Rebecca Minkoff mini Morning After Clutch (M.A.C.) in black for Spring 2013 via Revolve Clothing (sold out but buy at Shopbop here)


Couldn’t help but take my Rebecca Minkoff M.A.C. out for a night about town again… it’s quickly become my new favourite bag, even though old ones still have a lasting, special place in my wardrobe and sartorial heart. 😉  This is not simply because of its looks, but because it has the ability to hold just what I need for a night out, and absolutely no more.  So no greedy ‘may-as-well-put-this-in-just-in-case’ tendencies can be entertained.  Granted, I don’t have them often –I would rather go to a party simply holding my phone in my hand because I think most evening bags can be so unwieldy, but this one isn’t.  Can I just claim clutch/bag perfection for this little thing right now?

Hope to come back soon with more exciting pictures and a longer post!  Happy Monday evening!


— Miss Cathie

P.S.  I promise upon pain of… sartorial death… that Rebecca Minkoff isn’t paying me to write these glowing words.

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  1. June 11, 2013 / 7:13 am

    Lovely outfit and I love the perfect sized bag for evening too – my husband will try to add his wallet & keys to my purse if I bring a larger one out on the town.

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