Post-Christmas Updates & Resolutions for the New Year…

Christmas is always far and away, too short.  But I’ve had a lovely one, with my family and my man.  I feel a little sad that we weren’t able to spend some of it with his family as well, but there is always another time…  Funny moments, being embarrassed by the family (stop with the anecdotes, already! :P) the occasional argument (no perfect family here, but who has one?) and making up afterwards, as well as some very good food… I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

This is for Leia and Natalie, because they both asked to see my beau!  Here he is!  Perhaps one day, he’ll be without the beard… !

I didn’t really bother having outfit pictures taken during the Christmas holidays.  Except for the family portraits (I’m wearing a Juicy Couture dress), I was too busy spending time with my brothers and sister, as I haven’t seen them in 3 years (until my father passed away).  I’m sure we all were experiencing the ’empty chair at the table’ this Christmas.  Though I miss my dad, I’m hoping he’s gone to a better, peaceful place.

Moving on to more cheerful things…I love this picture! For some reason, it reminds me of new beginnings… perfect for a New Year!

My New Year’s Resolutions — 2012

1.  To take more care of my body and health (Ballet Beautiful!!)

Yesterday my friend and I went out for some sushi, and I mentioned that I was watching what I was eating.  “Girl,” she said, “the holidays aren’t the time to be watching what you eat!  December’s for binging, and January’s for purging!” I laughed — what a funny, and much followed idea… but I’ve actually been quite good this year.  During my entire stay, I snagged my mum and sister, and we had a great (and sometimes painful!) time doing the Ballet Beautiful workouts together every single night!  Girl bonding time is all about doing something good for yourselves and each other!  I’m proud to say I haven’t gained any weight this holiday season, and am all raring to take my health to a higher level this coming year!

2.  To think more of others, to appreciate all my blessings, and to be less selfish.

3.  To take this blog to the next level –even if I’m not sure what it is exactly that I mean/want yet.

4.  To travel, lots.  And lots.

5.  To take more courses, and to improve and expand upon my French and writing.

6.  To be better with my time and money. 🙂

There.  I’m keeping it short and sweet — so I won’t be overwhelmed, and so only the really important things are focused on.  I guess I could have shortened it to:  1.  To be perfect.  lol, but we all know that’s not going to happen! 😉

What are your resolutions? Or do you not like the idea?  Hope your holidays were simply wonderful! xoxo

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  1. December 31, 2011 / 5:16 am

    Cathie my dear, I can’t tell you how much I ADORED this post. I’m so happy we finally got to see your beau! You two make such a stunning couple.

    I can imagine how hard it must have been to have Christmas with the ’empty chair.’ We still have a chair – one of those ‘lazy boys’ I think they’re called – in my parents bedroom where my dad used to sit, and none of us can bring ourselves to sit on it or get rid of it. I hope our fathers are in a better place, too. *hugs*

    That really is a gorgeous picture and your resolutions are amazing. My main resolution is to try and help the homeless and needy in any way that I can, whether it’s by donating clothes, food, or toys, or anything else I can think of. Wishing you luck in accomplishing all of your goals! <3

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