Pre-Interview Butterflies + The Professional Blogger…

Hello dears, I have time for a very short, quick post – so here I go!

It’s a beautiful, cold day here in Comox, and a very good thing too, as the coolness calms my nerves.  I’m anxiously glancing at the clock every few minutes, you see – I will be interviewing Jaeger Mah!!  He’s the man who filmed the lives, loves and laughter of both travellers and staff at YVR for 80 days, in celebration of Vancouver’s busy-as-a-beehive airport’s 80th anniversary.  I hope you’re looking forward to it… I know I am, despite the butterflies in my tummy!  Wish me luck!!

2:59 PM:

Just finished my interview with Mr. Jaeger Mah… he is an extremely nice and grounded person – with an acute sense of humour, and of course… he tells amazing stories.  Do check back for the actual interview!


It is a personal rule of mine to dress for the occasion, even if it is happening at home.  This extends into my blogging time because I treat my blog professionally – as much as I have fun with it, I do take my writing seriously.  Plus, there is nothing like feeling ready for the task at hand; a bit hard to achieve in PJs, no matter how cute they may be! So with that in mind, here I am dressed up for the interview… all excited, nervous and hoping I am successfully treading the fine line between looking professional and cute.

Coat: Soïa & Kyo ‘Anissa-Z’

Dress:  MEXX‘ Summer Belle’

Shoes: Elie Tahari ‘Vivianna’ pumps

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  1. November 28, 2011 / 9:55 pm

    SQUEEE! I adore your new blog, the layout is gorgeous, and I am post-interview excited for you! And what a stunning ensemble you chose, absolutely love the dress. Will be dropping by again soon my dear <3

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