PSA: Something Fin-tastic is Coming…

Can you guess? The latest thingamabob that I’m head over (imaginary) fins for is Disney and DefineMe’s collaboration to create an Ariel perfume! Just in time for The Little Mermaid’s 30th anniversary.

While an Ariel perfume isn’t exactly something new, (Hot Topic currently carries two), what sets this collaboration apart is the fact that DefineMe’s perfumes are cruelty-free and vegan. They also believe in giving back and fighting gender inequality through supporting girls with a program that allows them to be educated and graduate from high school.

I am in love. This… this is the sort of collaboration that I can truly stand behind proudly, and I am so excited about this indie company and so delighted with Disney for choosing to work with them.

All right, back to the perfume…

The Little Mermaid perfume will make its debut sometime this autumn 2019 –although I just received a newsletter hinting that it’s coming out next month, my birthday month!– and is the first in a line of Disney Princess fragrances. So not to worry, though you’ll have to wait a bit, if Ariel is not your Spirit Princess. (But why wouldn’t she be?)

I asked about the notes, and DefineMe wrote:  Neroli, bergamot, jasmine, lilac, Tonka bean, coconut and driftwood. Imagine beachy, fresh and intoxicating.

This sounds like the perfect way to make summer last just a little bit longer, in scent, if not in season.

Image via Define Me website. (I tried contacting them for permission, but they must be inundated with requests!)

Packaging-wise, there’s no word on if there will be a box yet, or at least I haven’t seen any images floating around. I sort of hope there won’t be — it’s more eco-friendly that way, and it will save me the trouble of wanting to keep a beautiful empty box against my minimalist principles!)

The bottle itself is beautifully detailed with Ariel’s fins seemingly wrapped around it, and topped with an iridescent shell.

It will also come in two sizes –an $88 USD full-sized bottle, and a more petite $28 travel-friendly one. As of now, it will be available at DefineMeUltaMacy’s,, and select Disney Stores. Sign up for updates on the fragrance, and be the first to make a splash when it comes out!

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