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As a newly minted diaper bag lady who is still a fashionista at heart, I am always on the lookout for really unique diaper bags.  By unique, I mean they must tick four boxes:

Look stylish, be discreet — aka don’t flaunt a “pacifier pocket” or “exterior wipe dispenser” proudly.

☐ Transition-friendly — babies and toddlers won’t be babies or toddlers forever, and just like my maternity clothes, I want my diaper bags to be functional long after their namesake’s glory days are over (potty training, yes please!).

☐ Be washable — messes happen, ’nuff said.

☐  Be just the right size — like Goldilocks’ search for the perfect porridge, chair, and bed, I need a bag big enough to hold the right amount of things, yet compact enough because a) I am a minimalist, and b) I am a small person and big bags can overwhelm me.

This is why I am excited to share my thoughts on Multiwear’s “Transition Tote”, which is a mini version of the brilliant “Command Tote”.  Quick context:  The “Command” is one half of a two-bag system, the Division of Labor.  “Command” is for mom’s effects, and “Care” is for baby’s.  They can attach/detach so that “Care” can go with whomever needs it to look after baby, while “Command” goes with mum wherever she needs to be.  Pretty nifty, right?

When Priscilla kindly offered me a bag for review, I gratefully said yes, and after much thought, selected the “Transition”.  While it was created for those almost out of the diaper phase, but longing to return to normal bags, I thought it would fit my current lifestyle best as I only have one baby, and my minimalist tendencies mean that I do not tend to over-pack.


This bag is extremely organised, and the amount of thought shows in every little detail.  It can carry a tablet, and has a strap running across the back to either attach your exercise mat to, or anything else, really.  I find it very handy to have, although I have not used this function as of yet.  I use the front pocket to stow my wallet and mobile in, and I’m excited for the day when baby eats snacks because there are some nifty water-resistant pockets for either some munchies or wet clothes.  Excited to use those would be an understatement!  The handy key pocket (no lost keys = into the house sooner after a busy day), and insulated beverage pocket are my top two favourite features.  As well, the carrying strap can also be adjusted to hook onto a stroller:  handy and multi-purposeful!


Edgy urban glam comes to mind when seeing this sleek, asymmetrical bag for the first time.  The light gold hardware contrasts beautifully with the black fabric, but the design does not go overboard with excess metal.  Very important, as diaper bags are heavy enough already!  There is also a beautiful lining on the inside of both the bag and the changing pad –this may seem an odd thing to say, but it is very soothing to look at!

I’ve created a video to get into the nitty gritty of the features of this bag and what I liked or thought could be improved upon to complement this post.  Check it out below for an even more detailed review:

If you’d like to know more about the company and products started by a designer-turned-mom-designer, visit, and stay tuned for an upcoming chit-chat with her!

What makes a diaper bag “the perfect one” for you?

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