Saying Farewell & Hello + My Mood Board of Inspirations & Aspirations

I was industriously happily creating a mood board of inspirations –it is after all, the perfect time to be thinking of your personal goals for the new year, and finding ways to inspire yourself to not only dream, but do…

  1. A picture of my favourite Ian Stuart wedding gown that simply makes me feel happy.
  2. A girl on a winding staircase to inspire me to reach high, even if life isn’t a straight and easy path. (Pretty dress trailing behind you for the sole purpose of marking your progress, of course…)
  3. Sweet, colourful shoes and cupcakes… to encourage me to have fun! And to be bold and daring.
  4. Pretty shoes all lined up.  Not simply sartorially pretty, it’s also a picture to help me remember to have my priorities straight.  (I am either brilliant or delusional…)
  5. The ‘purple ballerina’ at the bridge, symbolises the importance of trying out new things…
  6. The soft roses are my wish to nurture others and the earth this year.
  7. Pretty Mary Helen Bowers is of course my fitness heroine, and inspires me to work towards a healthier lifestyle and body.
  8. Beautiful snow… it’s there for me to remember that miracles and wonderful things do happen, no matter the weather…
  9. The pensive ballerina at the center, is to remind me to think deeply, learn from past mistakes and look towards the future.

♫ ♪ ♫

With my farewells fondly said to this (almost) past year, I gladly greet you all a Happy New Year!

Wishing you all the loveliest, brightest and best for the coming year!


–Miss Cathie

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