Teddy Tales: The First…

Dear Reader(s),

(If any are left at this point…)

I won’t bother with apologies or excuses.

However, I have returned with a slightly new interest –making teddy bears! I say slightly new because I’ve always loved bears. I grew up watching Jane Hissey’s Old Bear books and show, along with Pooh Bear and Paddington, of course.

Ideas have been percolating in ye old mental kettle, and I took action two nights ago and rustled up this little fellow…

He is sewn off of The Teddy Bear Ladies’ Scruffy Duffy bear pattern. I had been listening to their podcast for inspiration and because it’s really so fun to hear them talk about all sorts of things, when I came across the episode where they issued a national invitation to sew a bear. Well, being late to the party and a bit international didn’t stop me from accepting. I grabbed a pair of toddler jeans in woe-begone state, and made do without cotter pins, bear eyes, weighted filling and embroidery thread, etc.

The result is a bear who is quite humble in materials, but takes pride in the fact that he comes from an esteemed and noble ursine lineage.

Behold!!! I hereby dub my ‘Scruffy Duffy’ as Lord Haughtington of Denimshire

I’m not sure what possessed me to use denim material to create such a tiny bear because it caused the deuce of a time trying to turn the pieces right-side out… but I made it. I’m both pleased and finding my creation wanting. The minimalist in me says to strip him for ‘parts’, but the creator in me feels that… this is my first bear!!

I am torn. I don’t know if I will be updating him as I go along to spiffy him up a bit, but if I do… I will keep you all updated as well. ^_^

He is currently perched on a built-in shelf alongside the staircase… awaiting his final fate/destination….

What do you think? Should Lord Haughtington continue presiding on the stairs? Or should he be sorted for rags?

This was amazing fun, and I am ready for the next teddy bear challenge!! My next steps are to hunker down and choose one pattern —so many patterns to choose from… and find a bear-making supply company, preferably located in Canada, or posts reasonably to Canada. Does anyone have recommendations? ^_^

Have you ever tried your hand at sewing stuffed animals? If you have, share your creations!!

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  1. Ducky
    February 1, 2022 / 9:29 am

    Keep him and make updates as you go! It’s an historic moment 🙂

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