The Sleepwear Trend…

It feels like the “wearing pyjamas as day-wear” trend has been around for a while. I remember reading about it in 2011, and still it seems current in 2019.

I suspect it has a lot to do with most of us adulting in a haze of sleep-deprived fog. Keeping your pjs on and simply trying to make them seem more chic sounds a lot easier some days than it is to go into your closet when already running late and trying to pull together an entire ensemble.

This photo popped up in my Memories, and I realised I had meant to write a post in 2017 about this outfit, but things happened. Better late than never, I say!

Sweater: Aritzia Babaton ‘Beekman’ sweater in black (2013)

Dress:  La Vie en Rose cotton flannel nightshirt (2016)

Belt: Aritzia ‘Zona’ belt in black (2015)

Stockings: Club Monaco fine rib wool tights in black (2015)

I was initially uninspired that morning, wondering what to wear, and feeling that I would rather keep on my already warm nightshirt, decided that that was the morning to try out the sleepwear trend. Silk pyjamas are easier to pass off as everyday clothing because of its sumptuous texture and sheen, but since my sleepwear consisted of cotton flannels, I felt lucky that the sleepshirt I had on was the one with the most discreet print (soft grey background with white kittens). To cinch in the waist (and to keep from looking like I slipped on a potato sack), I slipped on a skinny leather belt from Aritzia. Then I decided adding layers would help make the look more sophisticated, and distract/hide from the fact that my dress had a distinctly sleep-shirt sort of collar, so I shrugged on a merino wool sweater cardigan, also from Aritzia. And because January weather here in the East Coast is usually in the -20 celsius range, I decided that fancy stockings were out, and Club Monaco’s trusty wool tights were what my legs needed that morning.

It also goes without saying that I probably put on a pair of trusty winter boots, but we don’t see them in this photo, so I shall omit any detailed mention of them. Ditto for the pretty pair of ballerina flats that I changed into at the office. I vaguely remember that they were a pretty, patent leather pair.

Perhaps my discerning readers will still be able to tell that I “rolled out of bed” with my look, but my husband, colleagues, and friends on social media all weren’t able to! I did get quite a few compliments, and of course, couldn’t resist letting them know exactly how “lazy” I’d been! (Trust me, with all the thought that went into trying to make my sleepwear look like anything but, I felt that I had been the opposite of lazy!) I felt very pleased with my first foray into the sleepwear trend, and definitely have my eye to trying it out again –with silk pieces– in the future.

Have you tried the sleepwear trend, and how did it go? Share your outfits!

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