The Very First… First Day of School…

Everyone attests to the truth about how quickly time goes by, and yet we are always still surprised when we are confronted by that very fact continually through the milestones in our lives. Four years have gone by, and now our little man is off to kindergarten.

My heart is a little weepy but bursting with pride. I will never regret doing preschool at home with him. It was a precious time, and while I wish I could have done kindergarten with him as well… he will learn far more French from others than from me. They say to let them grow roots and wings. I hope he finds both, and all the magic in the world besides.

Oh… memories. Every single day becomes one of “the good old days”…

Getting ready for school was interesting. As much as possible, we tried to involve Little Man in the choosing process, but may have steered him a little bit in the right (read more economical) direction! The only thing we truly splurged on was his backpack. It needed to be big, well-padded, yet lightweight, and we’re pretty happy with the Skip Hop rocket backpack that everyone agreed was out of this world.

What would the first day of kindergarten be without a little bit of lighthearted, colourful fun? My little man is a huge Toy Story fan, and I suppose that makes me a bit of a Disney mum. So I simply had to get this cute little shoot in. He absolutely enjoyed it, and even if we cracked open some of his Christmas presents a bit early… well, he had a blast playing with them afterwards, I have no regrets.

To infinity and beyond, kiddo… ♥
We love you so, so much.
I can’t stop you from growing up… but I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

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