Two Weeks of Romance… {A Love Letter}

Being a couple apart has been both hard and easy in that bittersweet fashion that life excels so wonderfully at.  There are moments of vexation and slight annoyance that hugs aren’t so easy to give or to get, that sharing one’s day means catching each other at certain times, and that all the other little joyful things of having another’s heart that one takes for granted when they’re there, (because they’re there and you don’t need to make an extra-special effort…) are impossible.  You see, sometimes not even extra-special efforts can accomplish them through distance, time, and Skype.  So you have to find other ways.  And they make beautiful moments — there are beautiful moments to being apart.  Writing him letters, seeing his face for a few moments after a long day of commuting and work, being flirty and funny in our weekend video chats, and especially looking forward to our two weeks of golden summer time together.  (Next month!)

I think things are beautiful when you don’t plan them, and you don’t have any expectations, and you’re not trying to get somewhere in particular.

—Alison Mosshart

So I plan to not plan… and let our summer escapade shape itself.  Perhaps it will be a little romantic romp in ‘La Belle Province’, à la Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday.  Still, a girl can’t help dreaming and weaving her little fantasies… 🙂

We’ll rush at each other in true classic, romantic fashion…

After a wonderful night’s sleep, we’ll have breakfast in bed, and talk, and laugh, and cuddle…

Then we might explore the town, drink in the summer air, and finally find a little grassy knoll to have a little picnic on…

Or perhaps we could spend our afternoon reading books, watching movies, and falling asleep out-of-doors in each other’s company…

And he’ll teach me how to ride a bike again, and this time, I’ll learn and we can go places like the Europeans do…

We’ll go out for dinner, and maybe stay at some enchanting hotel, and have a quiet night together.  Whatever the weather, we’ll do things together…

And cherish every second of our time in each other’s company.

I will quite possibly let a tear or two escape when it is all over, and I board my plane back to the other side of the country.

But it’s still more sweet than bitter.  Because come Christmas,

 My Special Man will be home again.


— Miss Cathie

Image credits:  tumblr, weheartit, LIFE magazine, Tiffany & Co.

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