Using Memories to Decorate Your Space

Your home is the one area where you are free to personalise it as much as possible and in any way you like. Oh, the possibilities!

Adding these personal touches not only makes your space warm, and inviting but it also is an excellent opportunity for reflecting your personality and the personalities of everyone else who lives there. One of the absolutely unique ways to decorate a home is through using your memories –they cannot be duplicated exactly by anyone else!

Using memories as the creative touch to your home also gives you the opportunity to relive those precious moments; think beyond photos, albums, and even souvenirs from trips like postcards or decorative accents…

Get some photo frames

An area where people go wrong with their living room décor would perhaps be that they fail to create a visually interesting space. While it’s important to make it comfortable, you should also make it look aesthetically appealing. Photo frames are neat, tidy, easily arrangeable in a vast array of combinations and ways. You get to add that personal touch from a memory but you’re also getting the chance to add some colour and grouping interest into the space as well. Shall we sort the frames by subject, activity, or colours? How fun that you get to decide what that winning combination will be!  

Photo frames can be easily displayed anywhere. For one, they are quite neutral so they blend in, but you can also make them pop out as much as you’d like by getting certain coloured frames or by selecting the right photo.  They can be placed on walls, mantles, side tables, or anywhere else you see fit.

Coffee table book

Coffee table books are all the rage right now. They provide a visual focal point and something for the guest to flip through when visiting. There are two ways of going about creating your own coffee table book. You can get a photo book, so have photos printed directly onto the pages, or you could use a standard photo album. The photobooks will look a lot better in terms of aesthetics plus it will make the appearance of the coffee table book look more “professional” as well. You can fill these things with some of your most precious memories such as photos of family members and other loved ones, or even photos of your travels from around the world. Perhaps even sprinkle some favourite quotes throughout as well for a very literate touch.

Urns and vases

Pets have long been accepted as part of the family in every way, so why not consider getting wooden urns for pets or even a nice vase to commemorate a loved one that has crossed the rainbow bridge? This powerful tribute can also make a decorative statement in your home.


Shadowboxes are a very fun way to show off some of your old memories, but they’re especially exciting when used to showcase certain events like marriage or travels. You can use flowers, postcards, old tickets, photos, essentially anything to your liking can go into these. Shadowboxes (sometimes known as 3D frames) can also be great for displaying on furniture such as tables or mantles but they can also be displayed nicely on walls as well.

What’s an exciting, off-the-beaten-path way that you use to add a personal flourish to your home?

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