Wild, White Waters…

The dawn softly tugged at the strings of consciousness, and I slowly woke to the exciting recognition of the fact that yes, I was finally going to see my beloved Niagara Falls!!  I had read so much about it, pored over pictures, and even painted some myself throughout my girlhood… and now it was my turn to see the famous, roiling, misty waters for myself.

For a few brief moments, I entertained silly wonderings of whether the Falls would live up to the grandiose heights that my impressively endless…(–tongue placed firmly in cheek!) imagination and expectations had placed them.  But oh, that wise saying!…

“Worry is the negative side of imagination.”

put me firmly back into positive territory, and I was determined to relish every single moment –experience, atom, and otherwise of the day.

Style-wise, I wanted cute and girly, but with minimal fuss and a bit of a safari look to it all.  So I wore a sleeveless button-down collared shirt that has been such a staple of my summer wardrobe (and all of $17; thanks, Peacock Parade!) and an adorable pink skort.  I added some blue and periwinkle touches to add some bright colours to the look, as well as to echo the fact that I am going to see an amazing tumbling-down of, well, waters!

Top:  Moon sleeveless patch blouse (2013)

Skort:  Ya Los Angeles ‘Darling’ bow skirted shorts (2013)

Bag:  Longchamp ‘Le Pliage’ mini tote in Ultramarine (2013)

Shoes:  Bloch ‘Arabian’ ballet flats in stone wash (2012)

(See the shoes I’m wearing in the 2nd picture of this post!)

We took the Maid of the Mist, and the mist poured over us, and it was exhilarating and very wet.  I even drank some of the big, fat droplets!  Dear readers, I shall not bore you with descriptions of the long lines, the waits, or anything else before or after this moment.  But  I will tell you this.  It was absolutely glorious, and I wish that I could’ve stayed there longer to truly explore and inhale the atmosphere of the basin.  It is so calm and still, despite the water’s steady roar and movements.  What a little paradise of paradoxes!
My only sadness was that the town has almost become one great, big tourist trap.  The dinky souvenir shops, the cheesy attractions, the expensive sidewalk eateries with overpriced menus… well, it was a bit of a let-down.  I feel that the tourism government in charge of the area needs to steer away from that, and instead build the town up to be a beautiful spot that is in harmony with the breathtaking landscapes and nature that it is so blessed to be near and in!  I am sure that many tourists would appreciate that just as much, if not more, as well!  I can’t help thinking that if I had been here in the 1800’s… how much more unspoiled and spectacular everything would have been!

Hopefully one day we will return, and there will be fewer people all around, and my selfish little soul can commune with nature in more serene circumstances! 😉

After our little ride, we went and explored a nearby garden with beautiful architectural layout and shruberry.  I climbed a few stairs, and leaned over one of the fancy railings and told Alex to stay where he was below.  It was the perfect way to pretend that I was Juliet, and he Romeo.  Even though I’ve never cared for the story of this couple, I have to admit those moonlit balcony rendezvous were pretty romantic!Close by, I saw a statue dedicated to the men of Niagara who had fallen in the Great Wars… and thought the soldier statue looked as brave as the real life counterparts that he portrayed.
All too soon, the curtain of night fell, and we ended the day with a lovely supper at The Keg at Niagara Courtyard.
My eyes, ears, and tummy were very happy little things indeed at the end of the day!  And so were my arms when I cuddled beside my Special Man back at the hotel in our cozy little room.

Oh, and yes.  The Falls outdid my expectations –there is nothing like seeing your imaginings in person!!


— Miss Cathie

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