Your Health is in Your Handbag…

The other day, I was skimming through an article on, “10 Sneaky Spots Germs are Hiding”, and #7 caught my eye.

 “When they aren’t on our shoulders, most purses are resting on the floors of restaurants, restrooms, movie theaters, cars, buses and sidewalks. A joint ABC News and University of Arizona investigation of 50 women’s handbags found that the outside bottom of the purses were teeming with bacteria, including fecal germs and those that can cause skin infections. The researchers found 6.7 million bacteria on one purse alone.”


I’ve never rested my bag/clutch on restroom floors (eww!!), nor in movie theatres, where I hang on to it for dear life because I always feel it would be so easy to steal a handbag in the dark when someone is engrossed in the film.  However, I am guilty of placing mine on the floor in restaurants when there isn’t a spare chair, and so thought this was something to be shared.

Whatever the situation, your bag is probably going to end up on the ground at one point or another.  So remember to wipe it down with a cleaning solution (leather/vegan materials), or throw it in the wash (fabric).  It’s a simple, extra way of minimising the chances of catching a bug while flu season is still going strong.

Some of us already carry around practically our entire lives in our bags; there’s no need to add a swarm of nasties to the weight!


— Miss Cathie

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