What to Wear When the Weather is Confusing + The Month of Pink…

I am pretty sure the weather can be confusing in any part of the world, but I must say Canada can definitely outdo itself in this regard… From one moment of steady rain and grey skies, to blustering winds, to moments of pure golden sunshine… we had it all today, here in Comox!  Not to say that it isn’t a beautiful kaleidoscope of changing weather patterns, but what’s a girl to do outfit-wise when it is giving out so many mixed ‘signals’?

Think comfy, think cosy, and most of all — think pink!

Sweater:  Wilfred ‘Diderot’sweater in dust pink

Top: C&C California

Jeans:  Rich & Skinny ‘Legacy’ crop in black

Shoes: Dolce Vita ‘Lucca’ leather ballet flats in pink

The rain wasn’t very heavy, so I got away with wearing my new ballet flats by Dolce Vita.  To ‘combat’ the wind, I gave my skirts (my preferred ‘bottoms’) a rest –I am still looking for pencil skirts that don’t look business-y!– and went with a pair of cropped skinnies… And to keep the cold out, I topped it all off with a nice, snuggly wrap of a sweater — not too heavy due to the occasional bursts of warmth from the sun, but just right.

Besides the fact that I was feeling girly today, there is another reason why I wore a lot of pink.  October is, as most of you know, Breast Cancer Awareness month, and the pink ribbon is the international symbol of our awareness, and our fight against it.  As well, there are also ‘Pink Days’, where people wear pink to help raise funds and support the cause.  While my outfit might not be raising any funds, I do fully support this cause.  It is painful to lose loved ones in any way, if there is a chance of preventing it, why not?  I hope all of you who are able to and so inclined, will think about donating or helping out in any way you can. ♥

♥ Have a beautiful October day, wherever you are! ♥


  1. October 23, 2011 / 11:35 am

    Oh my goodness, I LOVE that sweater! At first I thought it was a blazer – it’s so pretty and feminine! Great outfit! I love the gloves too, but I’m a little iffy (like you) about the edgy-feminine thing going on, not so sure if that’d work on me. Haha.

    Hope you’re having a lovely day! (:

  2. October 25, 2011 / 8:34 am

    i love this look, the bright pink flats with the black leggings reminds me of a fresh take on audrey hepburn in the movie funny face.

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